Who We Are

MSC believes we can establish long lasting partnerships with Federal Civilian Agencies and help further their health-related missions


MSC currently supports some of the most-cutting edge technology and scientific research customers within the Federal Government.   We believe there are many more agencies with whom we can establish partnerships and help further their health-related missions. Our core services are extremely relevant and applicable as Federal Agencies explore new technologies that improve their capacity to perform. We utilize collaborative development approaches such as Agile and DevOps to improve project efficiency; centralization of management to reduce the challenge of integrating technologies; and more efficient and reliable ways to derive meaning from biomedical data.




MSC was established in 2009 and won its first contract in 2010 with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Since that time, MSC has become a leading provider of Health Information Technology (HIT), biomedical data solutions, and scientific research focused on the needs of the Federal health community. MSC supports some of the largest, most publicly facing programs within Federal Civilian Agencies. MSC passionately serves mission critical organizations seeking to advance our understanding of the world's most dangerous infectious diseases, revolutionize our capacity to collect, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of biomedical data, and increase access to high-quality medical information. 


Did you know that 35% of children in Montgomery County Public Schools qualify for free or reduced lunches? For the past four years Medical Science and Computing has partnered with Manna to help tackle this issue. MSC participates in Smart Sacks, a program that provides food for some of these children in order to provide nourishment over the weekends, when school lunches are not available. Every month we pick up, package, and distributed enough nutritious food for students to take home each weekend.

MSC proudly participates each year in NIH’s Annual Blood Drive. MSC recognizes the importance of each donation to the NIH Clinical Center and its patients since there is no substitute for red blood cells. According to The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), "Each donation can help save up to three lives and provide potential cost saving to the Clinical Center of approximately $300/pint.” We look forward to expanding our participation and donations to the NIH Blood Bank as our staff continues to grow.




Advance and strengthen the nation’s biomedical research and information technology capabilities by providing world-class scientific and technical services and to create solutions for the world’s most pressing biomedical challenges.


MSC has four core values that guide our approach to achieving our strategic goals:

  1. Bottom Line Times Three: We define success as a company by how well we improve and care for our people, our customers, and our end-users.
  2. People Are Key: MSC believes people drive solutions, innovation, and success.
  3. Information Is Power: MSC believes that analysis of, and access to, quality biomedical data is the key to the next evolution in healthcare.
  4. Partnership Equals Performance: We ensure accountable, efficient, and transparent interactions with employees and customers to create strong partnerships, leading to successful performance.